Easy to use

Easy to use..

Its intuitive mobile interface based on user experience makes every worker use it and become an active agent of the company in a matter of days..


BuildApp in the cloud..

Connect from anywhere using your computer, tablet or mobile. Eliminate paper-based processes with a lot of bureaucracy and adopt zero-friction methodology.


Do it progressively.

Start by using the most basic modules of our software in a team or pilot area and we help you roll-out and incorporate advanced functionality.

About us: hodeia.digital

Our team has more than 15 people focused on product development and customer satisfaction.

For over 10 years, we have been working with clients from all industrial sectors, accompanying them on their digital journey.

We are your technological partner, start with a basic digitization as a basis to add advanced modules and disruptive technology on our platform..

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World class manufacturing

BuildApp is a platform for the digitization of industrial processes such as maintenance, production, safety or quality.

Its modular structure makes the implementation simple and scalable, getting everyone involved thanks to its intuitive design.

Inspired by the World Class Manufacturing methodology, BuildApp collects the essence of the highest standards to develoop a fully adaptable solution, both for large corporations as medium-sized companies in any sector.

BuildApp Corporate

Multi-company BuildApp version with benchamrking option between different factories.

BuildApp Site

Management of a single multi-departmental plant.









UNILEVER: A scaled digitization example..

Unilever started by using BuildApp to have complete control of incidents and production shutdowns, without having to depend on outdated and unreliable information.BuildApp has currently become its corporate tool for global digitalization, being used in more than 100 plants around the world..


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